What is “MBN Test” App for Android Mobiles?

If you are an Android user then you might have seen the MBN Test app in the Applications setting and wondering what does it do? There are various applications in the Applications section of Android mobiles about which we do not know. Such applications are pre-installed and necessary for the proper working of the device.

You might be thinking that it’s an unnecessary application but it’s not. Actually, this application is related to the dual sim functionality of the device 4G (LTE) wireless communications standard. If you are thinking to remove this application then it is not recommended as it may cause the functionality to your device.

what is mbn test app

What is MBN Test App?

As we have already mentioned that this application is required for the proper working of dual sim functions and it can be seen on the OnePlus, Lenovo, Xiaomi mobile phones.

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In some online forums, we found that there were some users who uninstalled this MBN Test application and didn’t face any issue in the dual sim functionality or any other in the device.

mbn test app

However, there is no official information regarding the MBN Test. So it is recommended not to remove the application. Most probably Qualcomm processor user may find this application in the Applications section of the device.


It was a short guide regarding the MBN Test application for Android users. If you are thinking to remove/uninstall this application from your phone then it is recommended not to delete this application.

If you have any information regarding the MBN Test app or have any query related to the app then feel to free to ask your query in the comments section below.

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