How to Unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi/MI Mobile?

If you are a Xiaomi device user and wants to customize your mobile phone in your own way then the first thing you need to do is Unlock Bootloader. Nowadays all the Xiaomi devices come with Bootloader Locked by default and you have to unlock the Bootloader for installing TWRP Recovery or for Rooting the mobile phone.

Xiaomi has taken the step of locking the bootloader to save their customers from Fake Xiaomi mobile phones which were being sold in the market earlier. A new Xiaomi mobile phone comes with locked bootloader by default and the Bootloader can’t be unlocked instantly.

Whenever you try the unlocking of bootloader for the first time then you will be given a specific period of time only after that time period bootloader can be unlocked. Generally, Xiaomi gives the 360 hours time before unlocking of the bootloader. However, this timing may vary from user to user.

unlock bootloader of any mi mobile

Unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi Mobile

Here, in this article, we will be telling you how you can unlock bootloader of any MI Mobile Phone whether it be latest Redmi Note 6 Pro or Note 5 Pro. Once you have unlocked the bootloader of your mobile phone then you can install a custom recovery on your mobile phone and you can even root your mobile phone.

By unlocking the bootloader you can Install Google Camera on your mobile phone. The process of unlocking the bootloader on all the Xiaomi mobile phones is quite similar. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully and you will be able to unlock the bootloader.

How to Unlock Bootloader of any MI Mobile?

  1. The very first thing you have to do is open settings in your MI mobile then go to Accounts and add an MI account.
  2. Sign In or Create a new MI account, you will need this MI account later to unlock the bootloader.
  3. Now open Settings and go to additional settings, there tap on MIUI Version 7 times to enable the Developer Options.
  4. Open Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options and click on Allow OEM Unlocking.
  5. After that download MI Unlock Tool on your PC.
  6. Open the MI Unlock Tool and enter the same credentials of MI Account from which you logged in to Mobile Phone.
  7. After that click on Unlock Now button. Then it will show some tips that your data will be wiped once you unlock the bootloader so take a full backup of your data before proceeding further for unlocking process.
  8. Now Turn Off your mobile phone and after that press Power + Volume Down button together to boot into Fastboot mode.
  9. Connect your mobile phone to PC via USB Cable.
  10. Open MI Unlock Tool and click on Unlock button once it detects your device.
  11. After clicking on Unlock button it will process unlocking and give you an error saying “After 360 hours of trying to unlock the device” (The time may vary user to user but generally Xiaomi gives 360 hours for unlocking bootloader)
  12. Now you have to wait for 360 hours, there is no such option of bypassing the time frame.
  13. Once 360 hours are elapsed then open MI Unlock Tool again and click on Unlock button. This time your Bootloader Unlocking process would be done.
  14. That’s it, Now you have unlocked the bootloader and can enjoy custom recovery or Rooting.


So this was a complete guide about unlocking the bootloader on any Xiaomi device. The process of unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi mobile phones is almost the same and you can unlock the bootloader of any MI mobile phone by following the methods shared above.

If you are having any trouble while unlocking bootloader or have any query related to Xiaomi mobile phones then let us know via the comments section below and we would be happy to assist your query.

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