Fix Snapchat Stories & Snaps Won’t Load

Snapchat users often face stories & snap not loading issues and here in this article, I will be telling you how to get rid of Snapchat Story/Snap won’t load. There can be various reasons for not loading the story or a snap. Here we will be talking all the possible fixes and reasons of the Snapchat not loading.

It can be annoying when stories or snaps do not get loaded. Recently many Snapchat users have complained that Story doesn’t get loaded and they see a blurry screen with a circle rotating. Sometimes people also face a blank screen while opening a story or a snap.

Sometimes people face not loading error for a specific user on the Snapchat and other users stories & snaps get loaded perfectly. If you are also facing the same error in which story/snap not getting loaded then here you are at the perfect place. We will post the possible methods to fix this error.

Fix Snapchat Stories & Snaps Won't Load

Why Snapchat Story/Snap Won’t Load?

This question might have arisen in your mind that why Snapchat Story/Snap won’t load? There are various reasons for the error but the most common issue being not loading of the story is your data connection. If you are having a weak Internet Connection or unstable Internet connection then there are chances that your stories or snaps won’t get loaded.

One more reason of not loading stories can be your ISP, if you are using WiFi connection then on some ISPs your stories may not get loaded properly so it’s advised that try loading stories on some other Internet connection except the Wifi.

Another reason for not loading of stories can be that Snapchat servers might be down which causes not loading of the story and shows you the blank screen or loading. However, Snapchat servers are almost up and doesn’t go down very often.

Last but not least reason for not loading of stories can be an issue with your Snapchat application, if you are using the outdated version of Snapchat or Beta Version of Snapchat which is not released yet then there are chances that your stories may not get loaded properly.

No matter what’s the reason for not loading stories here we have shared some tips which can help you in fixing the issue. Follow the below-shared guides one by one to fix stories not loading issue on the Snapchat.

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#1: Change Internet Connection

The very first fix here I would like is to switch the Internet connection. If you are on a Wifi network then I’ll recommend you to switch to the Mobile Data and after that open Snapchat. Open the Snap/Story it should load properly if you are having a good Internet connection.

Not having a good Internet connection is the most common issue for not loading of stories. Make sure you are having a good Internet Connection with good speed. So, switching Internet connection is the easiest fix for Snapchat Stories not loading.

#2: Clear Cache of Snapchat

Sometimes your device may have some issues which won’t let the Snapchat work properly. If changing Internet connection has not worked for you and Snapchat’s servers are up then the issue is with your Snapchat application. So, here I would recommend you to Clear the Cache of Snapchat from your mobile phone.

To Clear Cache open Settings of your Mobile then open Applications and look for the Snapchat application, there click on Clear Data & Cache. That’s all, after clearing cache open Snapchat again and Login to your Account, now Snapchat stories should load properly.

#3: Update Snapchat App

Not using the latest version of the Snapchat application may also cause the not loading of stories issue. Open the Store on your mobile phone and search for the Snapchat application. There check whether an update is available for the Snapchat or not. If there is an update then please update your Snapchat to the latest version and then load stories again. It should work if you are using the outdated version of Snapchat.

#4: Log Out of Snapchat

Sometimes your account may have an issue and it can be fixed by logging out and logging in to the Snapchat application. Open Snapchat application, go to Settings and Log Out of your Snapchat account.

Now open Snapchat and Login again to your account. If there was an issue with your account then it should have been resolved by logging out and login in again.

#5: Check Snapchat’s Server

If any of the above-shared methods have not worked for you that means there are some issues with the Snapchat servers and they are not working properly that’s why your stories are not getting loaded. However, Snapchat’s servers stay always up but in some unforeseen circumstance then can go down which will not let you load the stories properly.


So this was all about the Snapchat issue of not loading Stories & Snaps. The main cause of not loading stories properly is your Internet connection. If you are having a poor Internet connection then Snapchat stories won’t get loaded properly. So, it is recommended to have a good Internet connection for Snapchat stories to load properly. However, in spite of having good Internet connection still, the issue persists then follow the above-mentioned guides to fix the error.

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