6 Ways to Fix Action Blocked on Instagram

Generally, Instagram shows Action Blocked popup when you spam on Instagram. If you are an Instagram user then you might be aware that excessive usage of a feature of Instagram can lead you to a permanent ban from using that specific features.

Let’s say that you start sending follow requests to unknown people on Instagram continuously in bulk then Instagram will ban you from sending follow requests for a while. So this is the main cause behind the Action Blocked Popup on Instagram.

Action Blocked will appear on your account when you do excessive spamming whether it be liking pictures, videos, sending follow requests or whatever it is. Instagram does it to make sure that account is not being used by the bots.

fix action blocked instagram

Fix Action Blocked Popup on Instagram

So when you are blocked from accessing a feature of Instagram then a popup will appear on your screen saying “This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake”.

You need not to worry as this action is temporary only and there are chances that you may get unblocked automatically after 24-48 hours. But if you violate terms & conditions again and again then your account may get banned permanently.

Why Instagram has blocked my action?

There are various reasons for which your actions are blocked on Instagram. Below we have mentioned some of the reasons for which you are banned.

  1. You’re following or unfollowing too many people continuously.
  2. You’re commenting the same thing on multiple Instagram accounts.
  3. You’re liking multiple posts continuously.
  4. You’ve messaged too many unknown people in a short span of time.
  5. You’re using any third party application which asks for Instagram authorization.
  6. You’re using any Bot/Website to automate the process.

How to Unblock Action Blocked on Instagram?

So here, you might be looking for possible ways to unblock yourself from the Action Blocked issue. Below we have shared some methods which will help you in unlocking from the Instagram. You can try every method one by one to get rid of Action Blocked on Instagram.

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#1: Use Another Device

The very first solution to unlock yourself from Instagram is that you use some other device whether it be mobile or PC. Since Instagram bans your IP address, not the account so you will be able to access all features of Instagram from another device.

You can log in to your Instagram account from another mobile and start using it without any hassle. If you want to use Instagram on the same device in which you are blocked then you have to wait till Instagram unblocks your IP (generally it takes 24-48 hours)

#2: Change IP Address

There is one more fix to unlock yourself from Instagram is by changing the IP address. If you are using WiFi then use mobile data and Log In to your Instagram and start using it.

Instagram blocks your IP address, so if you change the IP address then you can use Instagram easily. You can use a free VPN to change the IP address.

#3: Wait till Instagram Unblocks You

If you are not in hurry and have patience then this is the easiest method for you. As Instagram doesn’t block you permanently, the ban levied on your account is temporary and it gets lifted automatically after 24-48 hours.

So it is recommended that wait for 24-48 hours then you will be unblocked automatically. But if you keep spamming Instagram then there are chances that you may get blocked permanently also.

#4: Link Instagram to Facebook

If you are blocked from Instagram then there are chances that you can get rid of the block by linking your Instagram account to some social accounts. Here you can link your Instagram account to the facebook account.

After linking with Facebook log out from Instagram and then Log In again using your Facebook account. Hope that works for you.

#5: Don’t use Third Party Applications

There are some applications or websites which asks for Instagram permission. If you are using any third party application to which you have given permission of Instagram then it is recommended to revoke the authorization as soon as possible.

If you use an application or website to increase Instagram followers then there are chances that you may get banned temporary from accessing Instagram features.

#6: Stop Spamming on Instagram

If you are following, liking or sending follow requests in bulk then you will be banned temporarily for 24-48 hours from using Instagram features. It is recommended that you should not follow more than 60 persons in an hour.

Also, do not use any third party application which asks for the Instagram account authorization.


Instagram is very strict regarding their T&C. If you violate their terms and conditions then there are chances that Instagram will ban you whether it be temporary or permanent.

To prevent your account from getting banned do not use third party applications which asks Instagram authorization and do not follow people on Instagram excessively continuously.

If you are having any query related to Instagram or you are not getting unblocked from Instagram then let us know via the comments section below. Also, do not forget to share this article with your Instagram followers.

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