How to Change Font on Android Without Root

All Android devices do not offer font changing option by default. There are many Android Mobile Phones in which there is no such option to change the fonts of mobile by default. That’s why here you will need a guide to change the fonts on your mobile phone.

You might be thinking that if font changing option is not available by default then I’ll have to root my mobile phone for changing the fonts of the device but it’s not true there are some ways by which you can change fonts of mobile even without having root access.

That’s the good thing about Android devices that you can modify it in the way you want to. So, here if you are not liking the default fonts of your mobile phone then there is a way to change the default fonts of your mobile phone and set your desired font.

change font android without root

Change Default Font on Android

Some Android mobile manufacturers provide an option to change the Default font such as Xiaomi while there are many Android mobile phones which do not offer the option for changing the default fonts of the device. However, there are various applications also available on the Google Play Store which let you change the default font of your mobile phone.

But many of the applications available on the Store contains too many ads or do not work properly. Here in this article, we are going to list possible ways to change fonts on Android even without having the root access. No matter which Android mobile or Android version you are using you can change the default fonts of your mobile phone with just a few clicks.

How to Change Font Style on Android without Root?

So here, we have listed some applications which will let you change the font style of Android mobile phone. Changes made in the font style will be applicable to all applications where custom fonts are not set. So follow the mentioned guides to know more about font change on Android mobiles.

Guide #1: iFont

If you are looking for various font styles and want to change the default font style then iFont is the perfect application for you. With the help of this application, you can change the default font style of your Android mobile. It has various font styles available and you can change your desired font style.

If your device supports font changing by default then you can download the font styles from iFont application and then apply them from the Settings of your mobile phone.

Guide #2: GO Launcher

If your mobile phone doesn’t provide font changing option by default then there is another way for you to change the font style which is by using GO Launcher. If you install the GO Launcher on your mobile phone then you can customize the font styles according to your choice. Not only font styles you can customize icons and the lot more with the help of GO Launcher application.

GO Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android mobile phones with a positive rating over 4.5 on the Play Store. You can customize widgets, menu bar, notifications bar and the lot more with GO Launcher.

Guide #3: Font Changer

Yet another application which also helps you in changing the font styles. If you didn’t like the above-shared applications then here is another application for you which let you change the font styles. In this application, the font styles will not be applied to your applications or system instead you can change the font style inside the application.

You have to copy and paste the text in the application and then you can change the font style of your desired choice and then use that for Email, Text Messaging etc.


Here we shared a complete guide on changing the font styles for Android mobile phone users. If you also own Andorid mobile phone and wants to change the font style then you can use the above shared guides.

If you are facing any issue while using these guides or stuck anywhere then do let us know via the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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